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Recommended Sites

Bitriot Records -- From their "About Us" page: "Artist owned, artist run, artist driven. These are the three tenets of Bit Riot Records, established in 2006 by Eric Dusik and Tonya Leigh. Initially envisioned as a personal Imprint under WTII for Ericís solo work, the label quickly grew into a full service sub label of WTII."

The Castle - Ybor City -- One of Tampa's most entertaining nightclubs. Playlists, events, photo galleries, and a message board.

The Alchemical Wedding - The art and poetry of David Aronson -- Artwork, poetry, MP3s, and information about the artist.

Planet Magazine -- Wild Science Fiction and Fantasy on the Web - Free! Online and in color worldwide since January 1994.

beinArt Surreal Art Collective -- "The ever-expanding online gallery of surrealist, psychedelic, esoteric, outsider, fantastic, toy, lowbrow, comic, erotic, & visionary artists."

Other Interesting Websites

Blambot Comic Fonts and Lettering -- Comic Book Fonts and Custom Design. An excellent resource for free and professional fonts, as well as several interesting essays and tutorials.

Babyland - Electronic Junk Punk. -- The official website of my favorite band.

hydrogenbarv2.0 -- CHEMLAB's Official Website. Photos, lyrics, merchandise, and a fairly active forum.

Satellite News - The Official "Mystery Science Theater 3000" Website -- Contains a level of information about the show that borders on the obsessive.

Rashelle -- Photos, modeling, LiveJournal, web-rings, and the underground scene.

Monica Furious by LeadSalad Studios Monica Furious by LeadSalad Studios -- Cyberpunk webcomic with excellent art and intriguing characters.

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The Rats In The Walls Shop @ CafePress -- Merchandise.

Decomposing Train -- My webcomic (in fucking neverending development). -- My page on DeviantArt. -- My page on MySpace.