Lovecraft :: Rats In The Walls ~ Dark Fantasy Illustration / Goth Punk Drawings by Rick Shelton



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Artist's Comments

I am a huge fan of H.P. Lovecraft, and this drawing was inspired by his poem The Nightmare Lake. Originally, a passage from the poem was going to be written inside this creature's body, but a lot of ink got spilled on the picture (from those damn Rapidograph pens) and the body area had to be painted in to save the drawing. The passage read:

     'I saw the stretching marshy shore,
     And the foul things those marshes bore;
     Lizards and snakes convulsed and dying;
     Ravens and vampires putrefying;
     All these, and hovering o'er the dead,
     Necrophagi that on them fed.'

Coincidentally, H.P. Lovecraft and I were both born on the same date: August 20. Apparently, I mention that a lot. I hadn't noticed.