Goblin :: Rats In The Walls ~ Dark Fantasy Illustration / Goth Punk Drawings by Rick Shelton



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Artist's Comments

Every time I scan in one of the drawings I created during 1994 using 11" x 17" paper, I am reminded of how insanely annoying it is to have to remove the "invisible" graph lines... I forget what the original reason was for using the paper - I think I just had a lot of it available and was too poor to buy anything else. At the time, the idea of "scanning" my drawings into a computer was not really a feasible concept, and the intention was to create laser-printed copies, in which the blue lines of the graph paper would not show up. I don't think I ever did more than 2 or 3 laser-prints, though - too expensive. The next year I bought my first real computer and a $400 scanner -- By 2002, I'd gone through several other computers, but I was still using that scanner almost every day.