Dragon I :: Rats In The Walls ~ Dark Fantasy Illustration / Goth Punk Drawings by Rick Shelton

Dragon I

Pick an Apocalypse, any Apocalypse...

Dragon I

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Artist's Comments

I drew this picture after I had read John Gardner's "Grendel", which remains one of my all-time favorite books. The character of the Dragon in that book really appealed to me, so much so that I included a quote from the book in this drawing. This character was supposed to be an assassin whose claim to fame was having been genetically engineered to have an unnaturally long lifespan. His personality after having already been alive for a very long time, and dealing with his particular profession on a daily basis during that period, was very similar to the Dragon in Grendel: egotistic, cynical, jaded, and evil for the sake of not being able to remember how to be anything else.