Azathoth I :: Rats In The Walls ~ Dark Fantasy Illustration / Goth Punk Drawings by Rick Shelton

Azathoth I

Azathoth I

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Artist's Comments

This was the first of what developed into a series of drawings with a disembodied eye as the focal theme. It was done with a Rapidograph pen set, and many of the "details" in this drawing are actually attempts to cover up where the ink accidentally dripped from the pens. All of the 11" x 17" pictures were also done on technical paper, which was basically over-sized graph paper. Big mistake. Although the blue lines of the graph divisions did not show up MUCH when you photocopied them, they totally screwed me when I scanned the images into the computer, as well as when I went to have laser prints made. Also because of the size, I had to scan it in two parts and manually reattach the halves into a single image for this gallery.