Angel :: Rats In The Walls ~ Dark Fantasy Illustration / Goth Punk Drawings by Rick Shelton



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Artist's Comments

A lot of times, when I do a drawing, I'm in a sort of "fugue state" where I am consciously guiding the image but at the same time, completely unaware of how the image is going to evolve. Music is a large influence for a lot of my drawings, but this particular drawing was actually taken from a photograph of a live model. I rarely draw things from actual models, and this was really just an excercise in drawing a recognizable female form (which I admit I have problems doing). But, back to the fugue-state thing, months after I thought I had completed this picture, I realized that I had originally started drawing around the border of the black area and never finished. With a lot of my drawings, I go back and look at them and see things I had never before realized were there. Or, as in this case, were not there.